Culto ao Bacalhau

Culto ao Bacalhau


Possessing an enviable gastronomic culture, an unshakable passion, and unparalleled assertiveness, Chef Rui Martins has a sharp sense of humour, capable of surprising anyone who comes in close contact with him.

His gastronomic philosophy also derives from his experiences, from the risks he has taken, and from the trips he made; from embracing whatever is new; from feeling hitherto unknown fragrances; and from tasting flavours and textures for the first time.

Thus, was born CULTO AO BACALHAU, meaning “Tribute to Codfish”.

A minimalist, sober space that retells the Nordic origin of codfish, which, coming from so far away, exceeds its gastronomic value, and, due to its relevance, is considered an icon of our Portuguese identity.

At the table you will find typical dishes of traditional Portuguese cuisine that tell stories of a fighting, irreverent people, which transformed the fame of an unsuccessful fish, into an ingredient of excellence.

Sail through this codfish tribute trip, and take back with you some memorable moments and a story to tell.

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