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The authenticity of our traders and the quality of the fresh, seasonal produce make the market stalls a place of gathering, discovery, and freshness. Shall we go to the market?

Peixaria Ermelinda Lopes
Peixaria Ermelinda LopesB179
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Conserveira do Bolhão
Conserveira do BolhãoB137, B138, B152, B153
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Salsicharia Leandro
Salsicharia LeandroB16, B17, B18
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Real Bolhão Cafetaria
Real Bolhão CafetariaB164, B165
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Os Legumes da Tininha
Os Legumes da TininhaB128, B143
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Bolhão Wine House, de Hugo Silva
Bolhão Wine House, de Hugo SilvaB167
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Doçaria Portuguesa - Portuguese Pastries
Doçaria Portuguesa - Portuguese PastriesB20, B19
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Frutaria do Bolhão
Frutaria do BolhãoB64, B65, B79, B80
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Padaria Alzira do Bolhão
Padaria Alzira do BolhãoB13, B14
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Frutas Ermelinda & Gertrudes
Frutas Ermelinda & GertrudesB34, B35, B49, B50
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Flores da Tereza
Flores da TerezaB43, B58
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Peixaria Sara's
Peixaria Sara'sB174, B175
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Mercado das Empadas
Mercado das EmpadasB156, B157
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Maria Plantas
Maria PlantasB40, B55
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Café e chás da TUCA
Café e chás da TUCAB102, B117
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Hugo Silva
Hugo SilvaB133, B134, B148, B149
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C'alma no Mercado Specialty Coffee
C'alma no Mercado Specialty CoffeeB22
Read more about C'alma no Mercado Specialty Coffee
Queijaria do Bolhão
Queijaria do BolhãoB45, B46, B60, B61
Read more about Queijaria do Bolhão
O Sítio dos Cogumelos
O Sítio dos CogumelosB86, B71, B72, B87
Read more about O Sítio dos Cogumelos
Sabores de Fantasia de Maria José
Sabores de Fantasia de Maria José
Read more about Sabores de Fantasia de Maria José
A Abrigueira
A AbrigueiraB75, B90
Read more about A Abrigueira
Cafetaria Tasse
Cafetaria TasseB11, B12
Read more about Cafetaria Tasse
Artesanato Miló
Artesanato MilóB32, B33
Read more about Artesanato Miló
As Irmãs Araújo
As Irmãs AraújoB36, B37, B51, B52
Read more about As Irmãs Araújo
Casa das Ostras
Casa das OstrasB168, B169
Read more about Casa das Ostras
Ervanário Naturabolhão
Ervanário NaturabolhãoB181
Read more about Ervanário Naturabolhão
Rosinha Florista
Rosinha FloristaB44, B59
Read more about Rosinha Florista
Flores Angelina Berta
Flores Angelina BertaB41, B56
Read more about Flores Angelina Berta
Flores José Silva
Flores José SilvaB42, B57
Read more about Flores José Silva
Massas e Temperos do Bolhão
Massas e Temperos do BolhãoB99, B100, B114, B115, B69, B70, B84, B85
Read more about Massas e Temperos do Bolhão
CaprichoB76, B91
Read more about Capricho
Cores e Sabores do Bolhão
Cores e Sabores do BolhãoB107, B108, B122, B123
Read more about Cores e Sabores do Bolhão
Salsicharia Branquinha
Salsicharia BranquinhaB158
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Simbólico e Admirável - Peixaria Rosa
Simbólico e Admirável - Peixaria RosaB170
Read more about Simbólico e Admirável - Peixaria Rosa
Frutaria Fátima Teixeira
Frutaria Fátima TeixeiraB124, B125, B139, B140
Read more about Frutaria Fátima Teixeira
Maria do Álvaro
Maria do ÁlvaroB66, B67, B81, B82
Read more about Maria do Álvaro
Creperia/Geladaria D'ouro
Creperia/Geladaria D'ouroB103, B118
Read more about Creperia/Geladaria D'ouro
Salsicharia Luísa
Salsicharia LuísaB159, B160
Read more about Salsicharia Luísa
Peixaria Zaida Silva
Peixaria Zaida SilvaB176
Read more about Peixaria Zaida Silva
Dona Ilda
Dona IldaB68, B83
Read more about Dona Ilda
Aninhas de Gondomar
Aninhas de GondomarB98, B113
Read more about Aninhas de Gondomar
Banca de Frutas
Banca de FrutasB95, B110
Read more about Banca de Frutas
Os Legumes da Russa
Os Legumes da RussaB126, B127, B141, B142
Read more about Os Legumes da Russa
Verde Vida
Verde VidaB38, B53
Read more about Verde Vida
Queijaria Amaral II
Queijaria Amaral IIB48, B63, B47, B62
Read more about Queijaria Amaral II
Café do Ari
Café do AriB154, B155
Read more about Café do Ari
Salsicharia Lindinha
Salsicharia LindinhaB161
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Grainha: Bolhão, de Rosa Gonçalves
Grainha: Bolhão, de Rosa GonçalvesB166
Read more about Grainha: Bolhão, de Rosa Gonçalves
Sweet Bolhão
Sweet BolhãoB104, B119
Read more about Sweet Bolhão
Tradição - Produtos a granel
Tradição - Produtos a granelB105, B106, B120, B121
Read more about Tradição - Produtos a granel
Horto das Enxurreiras
Horto das EnxurreirasB129, B144
Read more about Horto das Enxurreiras
Peixaria Teresa Soares da Costa
Peixaria Teresa Soares da CostaB178
Read more about Peixaria Teresa Soares da Costa
Fruta na Cidade
Fruta na CidadeB94, B109
Read more about Fruta na Cidade
Inês das Plantas
Inês das PlantasB39, B54
Read more about Inês das Plantas
Emília Hortaliceira
Emília HortaliceiraB96, B97, B111, B112
Read more about Emília Hortaliceira
Temos Lata
Temos LataB135, B136, B150, B151
Read more about Temos Lata
Florista Rosa Maria
Florista Rosa MariaB131, B132, B146, B147
Read more about Florista Rosa Maria
Padaria Madalena
Padaria MadalenaB162, B163
Read more about Padaria Madalena
Marcos Ferreira 5ª Geração Teresa das Azeitonas
Marcos Ferreira 5ª Geração Teresa das AzeitonasB77, B78, B92, B93
Read more about Marcos Ferreira 5ª Geração Teresa das Azeitonas
Talho do Toninho
Talho do ToninhoB25, B26
Read more about Talho do Toninho
André Amolador
André AmoladorB29, B30
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